Liberty Warehouse

The Liberty Warehouse project is located on the site of an abandoned brick warehouse. 246 residential units and approximately 25,000 square feet of retail and commercial space across over 105,000 square-foot footprint. The structure comprises of five levels of wood-framed type III construction supported by both a post-tensioned concrete podium slab and slab on grade. A five-level precast parking garage structure is at the center of the project with the wood-framed building wrapping around the garage on all sides.

The majority of the existing warehouse was not salvageable. However, several feature walls of the historic façade were maintained and reinforced for this project to finally be integrated into the design of the new building.

Tim Park was the lead project engineer and assistant project manager on the project.






Durham, North Carolina


Year Completed

Northside Commons

100,000 square foot masonry load bearing dormitory building with concrete plank floor and roof structure. Design was completed on a fast track within two months.

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